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JerkDolls : It’s fair to say that a long time ago, getting top-tier games was pretty tough. The reason for this is due to the fact that the porn and online gaming markets weren’t meeting that often, so his only options were shitty Flash games created by guys over the course of a weekend. I’m happy to say those times are long gone, so let’s talk about JerkDolls and determine if this is one of the best places online to enjoy XXX games. I’ll sign up and give it a try for a few hours – go ahead if you want to know how it went for me! Signing up was quite convenient, plus JerkDolls currently runs a freemium model, so you won’t have to pay anything unless you explicitly decide to do so in-game. Speaking of the game: Jerk Dolls has a few different access models depending on your preferences. First of all, there are a variety of downloads, with support for Windows, MacOS, and even Linux. I know, I found it surprising at first, but I guess they have a real nerdy port on Jerk Dolls who wants to make sure the best geeks can still play games without emulators –  PLAY NOW

Jerk Dolls

Jerk-Dolls : If you really don’t want to store anything locally, you can choose to play directly from your browser. Jerk Dolls has official support for Firefox and Chrome at the moment, but I tried 3 other browsers and none had problems. The game runs on the Unity Web-GL system, so it’s going to be good in the future too – this isn’t one of those Flash projects that is sure to run into trouble in a few months when the big browsers crack down on such outdated and buggy software. I’m also happy to announce that Jerk Dolls releases new patches every Thursday, with tons of new content added throughout the month to keep you horny. I think I should probably mention now that Jerk Dolls is primarily a sex simulation game. There are a few game elements here, but the main focus is just watching the real-time rendered 3D shit that you have full control over. Because of this, you will want to know that as you progress through different scenes, you will unlock ‘Orgasm Bux’ which you can then spend on a variety of different goodies. We’re talking about outfits, sex toys, new locations, tattoos, and with mega bucks, you can import established porn-stars. Do you want to fuck Brandi Love, Riley Reid and Dillion Harper? Then make the girls cum and spend your points, it’s a great system – PLAY FREE!

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JerkDolls : Free Sex Simulator Game

JerkDolls : Free Sex Simulator Game : Perhaps the biggest problem that adult games have historically had is due to their overall poor quality. Jerk Dolls isn’t going to continue the cycle – its release here feels like a triple A game. We’re talking full 3D rendering, 1080p resolutions, and accurate skin textures. They have spared no expense and are certainly setting the pace for the competition. I’d say JerkDolls is one of the most visually entertaining games I’ve come across, though again: there’s not much of a story or difficult gameplay element here. You just fuck the girls you unlock and try to make them cum with your superior fucking skills. For the sake of balance, I’ll go ahead here and mention a few negatives. First of all, the Jerk Dolls audio could be a lot better. They have said on their development blog that they are spending time on it, but it will still be a while before they fully fix it. Besides that, this game taxes your graphics card and CPU at a pretty high rate. Most people will be fine, but if someone is on a budget machine, they might hear their fans spinning when they play Jerk Dolls. Even though I found some flaws, I think Jerk Dolls is more than ready to bring extreme levels of erotic bliss to horny guys who come up and decide to play it. There is a way to go in the future, but how are things currently? Yes, you are going to jerk your dick nonstop if this is the first full 3D game you try. So in short, get some of the best XXX games available for free thanks to the browser sex simulation game Jerk Dolls. Thanks for reading, may your next orgasm be the best yet – PLAY NOW!

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