Chronicles of Forgotten Tears

Chronicles of Forgotten Tears : In The Vast And Enchanting World Of Vaegoth, Where Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, And A Multitude Of Magical Creatures Coexist, The Chronicles Of Forgotten Tears Unfold. Within This Realm, Wizards Conspire In Their Towering Fortresses To Overthrow Kingdoms, While Arch-clerics Embark On Righteous Crusades To Purge The Land Of Evil. It Is Amidst This Backdrop That Our Tale Begins. Play Best Porn Games Online Now

Chronicles of Forgotten Tears

You, The Protagonist, Are But A Young Peasant Living In The Remote Reaches Of A Sprawling Kingdom, Toiling Away On Your Ancestral Farm Under The Watchful Eye Of Your Mother. Life Follows Its Predictable Course Until A Cataclysmic Event Shatters Your Existence, Leaving You No Choice But To Embark On An Epic Journey In Search Of Your True Origins. Unbeknownst To You, Your Father Was None Other Than The Esteemed And Powerful Wizard, Welling, Who Met A Tragic And Mysterious Fate.

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The Chronicles Of Forgotten Tears Is An Adventure That Spans Across Various Landscapes And Epochs, Where You Will Encounter A Myriad Of Captivating Characters, Each With Their Own Intricate Histories And Backgrounds. As You Traverse This Immersive Narrative, You Will Be Faced With Pivotal Decisions That Hold The Power To Reshape The Course Of Your Destiny. Nothing Is Predetermined; Every Choice You Make Will Reverberate Throughout The Story, Altering Its Trajectory In Profound Ways.

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Prepare Yourself For Thrilling Battles, For Within The Heart Of This Game Lies A Sophisticated Card-based Combat System. Armed With Your Wits And A Carefully Constructed Deck, You Will Engage In Intense Duels That Determine The Outcome Of Crucial Conflicts. But There Is More To This Journey Than Mere Combat. Along The Way, You Will Engage With A Diverse Array Of Extraordinary Women, Forming Connections That May Lead To Profound Romantic Entanglements. The Bonds You Forge Will Be Influenced By Your Interactions And Their Standards, Ultimately Weaving Unique Stories Of Love And Passion.

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Chronicles of Forgotten Tears Game

Immerse Yourself In The Chronicles Of Forgotten Tears, A Visually Stunning Adventure That Boasts An Impressive Collection Of 6,000 Captivating Images, Accompanied By 100 Immersive Videos And A Sprawling Narrative Encompassing Over 100,000 Words. Unlock The Secrets Of This Fantastical Realm As You Encounter 15 Unlockable Girls, Each Hailing From A Different Fantasy Race. Engage In 20 Thrilling Card Battles, Honing Your Skills And Expanding Your Repertoire With Each Conquest. Get Chronicles of Forgotten Tears Game On Steam

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