Dear Monster Gay Porn Game

Dear Monster Free Porn Sex Games For Adults : Get Ready For A Captivating Nsfw Adventure Filled With Magic And Forbidden Love Between A Man And Monsters, Brought To Life Through The Stunning Artwork Of The Renowned Bara Artist Jouvru! In This Game, Allen Finds Himself Trapped In A Mansion Alongside Five Mesmerizing Magical Beasts. Will He Manage To Escape, Or Will He Embrace His Destiny As A Wizard? The Allure Of Magic Is Undeniable, And Allen Finds Himself Irresistibly Drawn To These Enchanting Creatures. Play New Porn Games Online


Allen Had His Life All Planned Out After Graduating From University—med School Was Next On His List. However, Everything Changes When He Receives A Mysterious Letter From A Previously Unknown Grandfather. Suddenly, Allen Is Thrust Onto A New Path That Leads Him To A Peculiar Mansion Teeming With Bizarre Creatures.

These Fantastical Beings Should Not Exist, And Yet, They Seem Oddly Familiar To Allen. With No Time To Spare For Mysteries, He Attempts To Leave, Only To Realize That He’s Trapped, Alongside The Magical Monsters Themselves. Allen Must Uncover The Secrets Of His Own Past While Delving Into The World Of Magic By Forging A Bond With One Of These Mystical Creatures. Failure To Do So Means He Will Never Be Free.

Prepare Yourself For An Adults-only Journey Of Magic And Forbidden Romance Between Man And Monster, Adorned With The Breathtaking Artwork Of Jouvru, The Masterful Bara Artist. Will Allen Manage To Escape The Clutches Of The Magical Mansion And Resume The Life He Had Envisioned, Or Has His Entire World Been Upended?

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Features Of The Game Include Animated 3D Character Sprites, With An Option For Players With Slower Computers To Switch To Static Sprites. Each Love Interest In The Game Also Has A Unique Monster Form, Adding Depth And Intrigue To The Story. Additionally, The Game Offers 40 Cgs Created By The Esteemed Artist Jouvru, Along With A Beautiful Original Soundtrack Comprising 15 Songs. With Over 200,000 Words Of Captivating Storytelling, Players Can Expect Numerous 18+ Cgs Throughout, 19 Possible Endings To Uncover, And A Plethora Of Steam Achievements To Earn. For Those Who Prefer Audio Assistance, Dialogue Can Be Read Out Loud By Pressing ‘v’.

To Play The Game With Animated Sprites, A Computer With A Cpu Of 2.3ghz Or Greater Is Required. However, Players With Weaker Or Slower Computers Can Opt To Play With Static Sprites Instead.

Allen’s Upbringing Under The Strict Guidance Of His Aunt Pushed Him To Excel As A Student. Unaware Of His True Origins, He Never Expected To Discover A Connection To The World Of Magic. This Newfound Revelation Sheds Light On The Peculiar Incidents That Have Complicated Allen’s Life Over The Years. All He Desires Is A Normal Life, Or So He Thought.

Dear Monster Porn Game

Imbriss, A Formidable Presence In The World Of Wizards, Arrived With A Mission To Confront Allen’s Grandfather. However, Finding The Old Wizard Is Proving To Be A Challenge, Leaving Imbriss To Redirect His Attention Toward Allen. Perhaps There Are Other Things He Would Like To Do With Him Besides Engaging In Conflict.

Faeryn, A Patient And Affectionate Unicorn, Seems To Have Been Awaiting Allen’s Arrival For Quite Some Time. Strangely Knowledgeable About Allen’s Life, Faeryn Appears To Be Smitten With Him. But How Is Such A Profound Connection Possible When They Have Only Just Met?

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Momo, A Sly And Mischievous Fox, Presents A Friendly Facade, But His Inclination For Trickery And Deceit Has A Way Of Pushing People Away. Why Does He Resort To Such Behavior?

Dear Monster

Hikmat, A Stoic And Serious Individual, Frequently Broaches The Subject Of Death. Claiming To Be The Mansion’s Gardener, Hikmat Tends To Plants That Defy Ordinary Expectations. Despite Seeming Somewhat Annoyed By Allen’s Presence, Hikmat Allows Him To Come Close. Could There Be A Hint Of Fondness, Even If It’s Just A Trace?

Lastly, There’s Slagathor, The Cook, Who Will Be Available For Dating In The Game After An Initial Crowdfunding Campaign. Players Can Look Forward To Experiencing Slagathor’s Route As An Addition To The Game Post-launch.

Embark On This Spellbinding Journey And Uncover The Mysteries That Lie Within The Magical Mansion. Will You Resist The Allure Of Forbidden Love, Or Succumb To Its Enchanting Embrace? Get Dear Monster Game On Steam

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