EdgeLords Porn Sex Game

EdgeLords Porn Sex Game : Prepare For An Epic Clash Of Sorceresses As You Embark On A Quest To Confront And Defeat Your Magical Rivals, Claiming Their Coveted ‘essence’ For Yourself In This Thrilling And Immersive Hentai Card Game, Fully Animated And Voiced For Your Enjoyment – Play New Porn Games Now

EdgeLords Game

Enter The Perilous Realm Known As The ‘edge,’ A Domain Teetering On The Brink Of Existence. Inhabited By The Most Resilient And Skilled Sorceresses, It Is A Battleground Where Only The Strongest Can Reign Supreme. Will You Rise To Become The One True Edgelord?

Edgelords Takes The Deck-building Genre To New Heights With Its Unique Twist. Engage In Boss-rush Battles, Employing Strategic Card Play And Deck-building Tactics To Overpower Your Opponents. Unleash Powerful Spells And Summon Mighty Minions To Secure Dominance Over The Realm.

Discover A Vast Array Of Hundreds Of Cards, Each With Its Own Distinct Abilities, As You Master The Art Of The Deck-building Craft. But That’s Not All! Unleash Devastating Climax Powers, Triggering Awe-inspiring Abilities That Can Turn The Tide Of Battle In Your Favor.

Immerse Yourself In A Fully Voiced And Animated Hentai Experience, As You Vanquish Your Adversaries One By One, Harvesting Their ‘essence’ And Bending Them To Your Will As Subservient Thralls Adorning Your Edge Lord Throne.

Meet The Formidable Sorceresses You’ll Encounter On Your Path To Supremacy:

Deathgrip: An Embodiment Of Darkness And Doom, She Commands The Dark Legion, Set On Initiating The Apocalypse. Beware Her Reaper’s Blade, A Signature Attack That Gains A Soul Gem Card With Each Devastating Strike.

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Melonie: Deep Within The Hidden Grove, You’ll Find The Enchanting Love Fairy. Her Irresistible Allure Grants Her Opponents Temptation Cards That Are Simply Too Enticing To Resist.

Ashka: The Realm’s Most Powerful Warlock, She Exudes Arrogance And Smugness. Her Spells Are Devastating, Particularly The Concussive Blast, Which Grows Stronger With Each Successive Play.

Lilith: Emerging From The Flaming Portal In The Forbidden Woods, She Is A Lethal Assassin Sent From The Demon Realm To Claim The Title Of Lord. While Lacking In Magic, Her Relentless Attacks And Swift Action Economy Make Her A Formidable Adversary. Prepare For The Onslaught Of Hedonic Rush, Often Followed By An Immediate, Relentless Assault.


Features Abound In This Thrilling Game:

Over 200 Playable Cards To Strategize And Unleash Upon Your Foes.

Summonable Glyphs, Allies, And Minions, With A Repertoire Of Over 50 Options.

Choose From Four Playable Characters, Each Boasting Four Enticing Erotic Outfits That Influence Their Deck Archetype.

Unlock A Dozen Fully Animated, Multi-stage, And Interactive Hentai Loops As You Progress Through The Game.

Multiple Language Options Will Be Available For A Wider Audience.

Enjoy The Custom Full Illustration By Dankodeadzone And Immersive Voice Acting By Vexoria The Sun Eater (Deathgrip), Ginnyfantasy (Melonie), Wubcake (Ashka), And Ginagalore (Lilith) Prepare Your Gaming Rig: Get EdgeLords on Steam

Minimum System Requirements:

Requires A 64-bit Processor And Operating System
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: 3.4 Ghz
Memory: 6 Gb Ram
Graphics: Nvidia Gtx 750
Storage: 2 Gb Available Space

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