Ghost Girl Lasling

Ghost Girl Lasling | Free Sex Games For Adults : This Is The Story Of Lasling, A Genius Girl With Excellent Working Abilities, Who Becomes A Ghost After An Accident. The Only Person In The World She Is Visible To Is Mofft, The Main Male Protagonist. Their Meeting Is As If A Fateful Encounter And Love Story Begins. Play New Porn Games Here

Ghost Girl Lasling Porn Game

This Is A Pure Love Adventure Game
Players Unfold The Story From Moffts’ Point Of View.
In The Dark Night At The Office, Mofft Is Gradually Overwhelmed By The Reality Of His Grave Mistake.
The Loss Of Life, Everything, As If The World Had Abandoned This Woman──Lasling Stands Quietly At The End Of The Corridor.
Though The Two Sides Are Constantly Entangled By The Past, They Turn Out To Be Each Other’S Redemption.

Ghost Girl Lasling


“If That Accident Hadn’T Happened, Would I Still Have Met You?”
“Even If Everything About Me Is Falling Apart, Would You Still Stay By My Side?”
“In The Mountain At The Back Of The Company, She Still Waits For Me Under The Cypress Tree.”
“Even Now, Faults And Mistakes Are Still Blaming Me.”
“Will You Be Able To Find Happiness Just By Going To The Far South?”

Now, Let’S Indulge In This Bitter And Unforg Ettable Love Together


Ghost Girl Lasling

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