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In A World Where Monstrous Creatures Known As “Burana” Suddenly Emerged, Invading Human Territory And Igniting A Fierce War, The Struggle For Survival Begins. “Hybrislave” Presents The Tale Of A Girl Navigating This Tumultuous Reality. “Hybrislave” Is The First Part Of An Ongoing Series, Offering A Captivating Prologue That Sets The Stage For A Longer And More Intricate Storyline To Come. Play New Porn Games Now

Hybrislave Game

The Story Unfolds In A Post-apocalyptic Setting, Where The Burana Onslaught Resulted In The Loss Of Countless Lives And The Brutal Violation Of Women. After A Grueling Battle, Humans Managed To Seal The Gateway To The Makai, But The Scars Of War Remain. Devastated Countries Struggle To Rebuild, Grappling With The Lack Of Basic Infrastructure While Surviving Burana Continue To Breed And Persist In Various Corners Of The World.

Within This Chaotic World, We Follow The Journey Of A Young Girl. The Narrative Delves Into Her Experiences And Challenges In This Unforgiving Environment, Offering A Glimpse Into Her Resilience And Determination. The Concept Of “Hybrislave” Centers Around A Protagonist Who Remains Strong And Unyielding Despite Enduring Harsh Hardships. While The Story Is Relatively Short, It Contains Intense And Uncompromising Erotic Scenes.


Meet The Key Characters:

Raira: The Lively And Energetic Protagonist Of The Story. Although She Appears Human, She Possesses A Mix Of Human And Burana Bloodlines, A Fact She Keeps Hidden. Living In An Orphanage, She Diligently Works To Address The Village’s Issues.

Risha: A Nun Who Oversees The Orphanage And Serves As An Older Sister Figure To Raira. Due To Reduced Subsidies Following The War, She Resorts To Emergency Measures To Sustain The Orphanage. Her Unconventional Means Of Earning Money Come Into Play.

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Features Of The Game Include A Classic Rpg Style, The Availability Of Three Different Endings, And The Ability To Quickly Unlock All The Erotic Scenes In The Memory Room.

System Requirements – Minimum:

Operating System: Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core I3-4340
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Storage: 8 Gb Available Space


Prepare To Immerse Yourself In The Challenging World Of “Hybrislave,” Where Survival And Desire Intertwine In A Post-war Landscape. Traverse The Hardships Alongside The Resilient Protagonist And Uncover The Mysteries That Await In This Captivating Rpg Adventure. Please Note That This Game Contains Adult Content And Is Intended For Mature Audiences. Get it on Steam

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