KukkoroDays Porn Game

KukkoroDays Is A Thrilling Love-adventure In Akihabara As A Lady Knight From Another World Disrupts The Protagonist’s Ordinary Life. This Captivating Game Offers A Blend Of Seriousness, Melancholy, Sensuality, And Most Importantly, Enjoyment. Experience The Excitement Of Living Alongside A Lady Knight And Witness How Your Mundane Existence Transforms. Play New Porn Games Online

KukkoroDays Game

The Game Utilizes The Innovative “E-mote” Engine, Enabling Smooth And Three-dimensional Movement Of The Character Illustrations, Giving Them A Lifelike Appearance. As The Main Character, Your Life Takes An Unexpected Turn When A Magical Portal Manifests In Your Room, Revealing An Injured Woman Clad In Knight’s Armor, Introducing Herself As Cattleya. She Claims To Have Reincarnated From A Different Realm And Seeks A Way Back Home. In The Meantime, She Becomes An Unexpected Resident In Your Home, Relying On You For Sustenance And Shelter.

Will Cattleya Find Her Path Back To Her Own World, Or Will Fate Intervene, Leading Her On A Different Course? Discover The Depths Of Her Character And The Choices That Lie Ahead As You Navigate This Captivating Tale. Get KukkoroDays Game On Steam


Cattleya, An Austere Female Knight, Hails From A World Where She Commands A Renowned Order Of Knights. However, During A Battle Against Monsters, She Sustains A Grave Injury, Loses Consciousness, And Awakens In Your World. Unable To Find A Means Of Returning To Her Realm, She Becomes Reliant On You For Support And Finds Solace In The Peaceful Days That Contrast With Her Former Life. Yet, As Her New Life Unfolds, She Grapples With The Decision Of Either Embracing Her Destiny As A Knight Or Embracing The New Existence She Has Discovered.

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Featuring Smooth Character Animation With The E-mote System, Multiple Routes Leading To Different Endings, High-quality Event Cgs, And A Story Set In A Real Japanese Town, This Game Offers A Captivating Visual And Narrative Experience. The Talented Team Includes Illustrator Waoninui, The Creative Minds Of Linkedbrain Inc. (Ide Takuro, Kashima Natsuki, Bal-d) Handling The Scenario, And Producer/planner Yujiro Usuda. Prepare For An Immersive Journey Through A World Where Love And Adventure Intertwine.

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