Lewd Idol Project Vol. 2 – Anime Hentai XXX Games For Adults

Welcome To  (LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 2 – Hot Springs and Beach Episodes) The Ultimate Fanservice Experience, A 2-in-1 Yuri Lewd Adventure That Will Captivate The Cultured Minds! These Two Episodes Complement The Main Story Of Lip! Lewd Idol Project, Offering Standalone Experiences That Can Be Enjoyed Without Any Prior Knowledge Of The Series. However, For The Complete Journey, Don’t Forget To Explore The Main Story As Well. Play New Porn Games Online Now

Lewd Idol Project

The Girls Are Back And Ready To Turn Up The Heat In Two New Lewd Adventures Set In The Beach And Hot Springs! Join Kairi, Ranko, And The Newest Member Yuki As They Dive Into Even Hotter Encounters, Conversations, And Scenes Filled With Plenty Of Girls’ Love!

Lip! Lewd Idol Project Is A Yuri Visual Novel Series That Follows The Thrilling Adventure Of A Girl Aiming To Become An Akihabara Lewd Idol. Embark On This Exciting Journey With Kairi As You Explore The City, Meet New Girls, And Strive To Form A Group That Overcomes All Obstacles, While Indulging In Enticing Girl-on-girl Action!

For Those Who Haven’t Experienced The Previous Installments, Make Sure To Grab The Lewd Idol Project Bundle, Offering Special Discounts And Allowing You To Delve Into The Full Story From The Beginning!


After Successfully Persuading The Enigmatic Gamer Girl Yuki To Join Their Unique Idol Project, Kairi And Ranko Prepare For Two Relaxing Trips— The Hot Springs And The Beach. However, Yuki’s Mischievous Plans Involve VR Headsets For An Unconventional Visit To The Hot Springs. What Surprises Does She Have In Store To Ensure Some Alone Time With Kairi?

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As For The Beach Trip, Yuki-chan Has Never Set Foot On Sandy Shores Before And Seems Hesitant To Do So Now. Can Kairi, As The Group Leader, Help Her Overcome Her Fears And Insecurities About The Sun And Sea? Join Them On These Unforgettable Vacation Days Filled With Excitement, Unexpected Twists, And Sizzling Moments Among These Three Beautiful Girls!


Don’t Miss Out On The High-quality Anime-style Artwork, Fully Uncensored Yuri 18+ Cgs, Multiple Endings Based On Your Choices, A Relationship Meter To Gauge The Dynamics Between The Girls, An Unlockable Cg Gallery Showcasing Erotic Scenes, Wardrobe Mode With A Plethora Of Alternative Costumes To Unlock, Photo Mode To Capture Your Favorite Scenes, Jukebox Mode To Enjoy The Game’s Music, And Partial Japanese Voice Acting To Further Immerse Yourself In The Experience!

So, Will You Start With The Hot Springs Or The Beach? Unlock And Indulge In Both Delightful And Erotic Yuri Cg Scenes In Gallery Mode, And Collect A Variety Of Swimsuits, Yukata, And Towels For Kairi, Yuki, And Ranko To Enhance Their Experiences.

Hot Spring

Build Your Relationship Meters With The Girls Through Your Actions And Dialogue Decisions, Reaching 100% To Unlock Extra Scenes, Dialogues, And Endings. With Up To Four Different Endings Awaiting You, Your Choices Shape The Destiny Of These Captivating Characters!

Lastly, Unleash Your Creativity With The Photo Mode, Where You Can Compose Scenes With Your Favorite Girls And Costumes, Capturing Memorable Moments And Saving Them On Your Device For Future Enjoyment.

Are You Ready To Immerse Yourself In The Enticing World Of Lip! Lewd Idol Project’s New Episodes? It’s Time To Embark On This Thrilling Journey Of Love And Passion With Kairi, Ranko, And Yuki! Get LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 2 – Hot Springs and Beach Episodes On Steam

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