Meltys Quest Porn Game

Meltys Quest : Princess Meltys Spent Her Entire Life Gambling While Living In The Lap Of Luxury. One Day, The Cowardly Grolido Monster Empire Alters Her Way Of Life. Now She Sets Out On An Exciting Journey To Restore His Kingdom, But What Pit Stops Will He Make Along The Way? Play New Porn Games Here

Meltys Quest Porn Game

Meltys Quest Is A Sexually Explicit Eroge Intended For Adults Only. Sexual Themes Include: Male X Female, Female X Female, Multiple Male X Female, Male X Multiple Female, Multiple Male X Multiple Female; Open And Friendly Attitude Towards Promiscuous Women; As A Result Of Losing A Battle, The Protagonist Will Usually Have Sexual Relations With The Victor; Interracial Sex With Non-human Fantasy Species Such As Goblins, Werewolves, Halflings, Etc., Etc.; Unprotected Sex; Anal Sex; Having Sex In An Open Public Setting; Sexual Activities With Blood Relatives In A Fantasy World; Small Penis, Big Penis, Monstrous Penis, Tentacle Penis; Big Breasts, Very Big Breasts, And Very, Very Big Breasts; Graphic Descriptions And Representations Of The Genitalia, Smegma, And Prostate Area; Prostitution; The Pregnancy; Lactation

Meltys Quest

More About MeltysQuest Sex Game

Meltys Quest Is About The Journey Our Protagonist, Princess Meltys Takes To Restore Her Kingdom. Meltys Is A Girl Who Has Fooled Around All Her Life, Not Giving A Hoot About Anything But Herself. But One Day The Grolido Monster Empire Invades Her Country, Destroys Her Home, And Kidnaps Her Three Sisters. With No Castle And No One Else To Call For Help, Meltys Decides,

“Well, I’ll Like Somehow Fix Everything!”¬†Please Warmly Watch Over Meltys And Guide Her On This Light-hearted, Sometimes Comical, And Sometimes Serious, But Always Erotic, Quest To Rescue Her Family And Restore Her Kingdom.

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Over 60 Sex Scenes With Over 80 Different Wide Screen Cgs For A Total Of Over 800 Cgs!
Over 20 Costumes For Meltys To Dress Up In!
Multiple Endings!
New Game Plus!

Difficulties – Kogal Mode – Recommended For Players Who Want To Experience The Game’s Plot And “Plot” As Soon As Possible. Princess Mode – Recommended For Players Who Want A Little Extra Gameplay Challenge. True Princess Mode – ? ? ? ? ? A Special Difficulty Mode Available Only On New Game Plus.¬†Controls – Meltys Quest Can Be Played Using Keyboard Only, Mouse Plus Keyboard, Or A Xinput Game Controller. However, It Is Recommended That You Have Access To A Keyboard During The Sex Scenes For The Keyboard-only Functions.

Meltys Quest Sex Game

Disclaimer – All Characters Involved In Any Sexual Act In Meltys Quest Are Over 18 Years Old.
The English Version Of Meltys Quest Is For Outside Of Japan Only. Meltys Quest Is Made With Rpg Maker Mv, Which Isn’t Known To Work Well With Older Computers Or Laptops. Please Close Your Browser And Other Extra Running Programs Before Playing Meltys Quest.
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