My Sexual Hospitalization Porn Game

My Sexual Hospitalization Porn Game : In A Captivating Tale, Souma, The Main Character, Finds Himself Hospitalized After A Fateful Traffic Accident. Little Did He Know That His Life Was About To Take An Unexpected Turn When He Laid Eyes On The Stunning Dr. Isami, His Attending Doctor. Despite Facing Rejection, Souma’s Determination Remains Unwavering As He Launches A Relentless Pursuit, With A Fierce Focus On “Boobs”! Surprisingly, Dr. Isami Starts To Enjoy Their Amusing Exchanges, Leading To A Unique Bond Between Them. Play New Porn Game

My Sexual Hospitalization

Enter “Souma’s Wonderful Life,” A Game That Presents A Thrilling Journey Where The Main Character Embarks On A Quest To Have The Domineering Female Doctor Cater To His Whims. Their Relationship Evolves Amidst Days Of Delight As They Revel In The Joy Of Exploring Shujo’s (Dr. Isami) Ample Assets, Including Her Impressive 100cm Bust!

The Hospital Becomes A Hotbed For Naughty Medical Examinations, Featuring Sensual Interactions That Push The Boundaries Of Excitement. Friction Between The Doctor’s Breasts Within The Hospital Room, After-hours Examinations With Titty-slapping, And Reverse Examinations With An Eye Mask Promise A Sensational Experience. Souma’s Adventure Escalates As He Indulges In Pussy Massages, Receives Pampering Nursing Handjobs, And Dares To Explore The Realms Of Anal Play!

As The Storyline Unfolds, Players Will Encounter A New Facet Of Pleasure – The Thrilling “Play Of Being Attacked By An Older Sister.” Dr. Isami, An Alluring And Enigmatic Figure, Serves As The Main Character’s Doctor At Shiratose General Hospital. Despite Her Stern Demeanor And The Nickname “Onna-tei” (“Empress”), Her Allure Is Impossible For Souma To Resist. Their Passionate Journey Is Intertwined With Emotions And Desires, Blurring The Lines Between Doctor And Lover.

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In This Pov First-person Visual Novel, Players Assume The Role Of The Male Protagonist, Striving To Win The Heart Of The Hospital’s Captivating Heroine. Your Choices Throughout The Game Will Dictate The Future Of Your Relationship With Dr. Isami. The Game Boasts 19 Basic Cg Illustrations And More Than 400 Variations, Accompanied By Full Japanese Voice Acting From Experienced Voice Actors.

Please Note That This Game Contains Adult Content, Including Nudity, Sexual Themes, And Consensual Sm Play, Which May Not Be Suitable For All Ages Or Work Environments. Prepare Yourself For A Captivating Journey Filled With Passion, Sensuality, And Boundless Pleasure As You Venture Into “Souma’s Wonderful Life.” Get My Sexual Hospitalization Porn Game on Steam

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