Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll

Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll – A Roguelike Strategy Game Featuring Squad Building And Squad Tactics, Combined With A Real-Time, Sexually Explicit Third-Person Sandbox That Supports Up To 10 Players On The Same Map. Command Glamorous Investigators As They Battle (And Bed) Cultists And Otherworldly Horrors From The Cthulhu Mythology. Play New Porn Games Here

Operation Lovecraft Fallen Doll Game

Look Into The Abyss And Jerk Off When It Looks Back At You – Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll Is A Cthulhu Mythos-Inspired Third-Person Sandbox Sex Simulator Created By A Bunch Of Perverts With Aaa Game Development Experience. All Graphics Are Rendered In Real Time Instead Of Pre-Rendered Cg, With Intuitive Player Interactivity Affecting Shots, Movements And Voices In The Scene. Third-Person Desktop And First-Person Vr Versions Are Available.

Operation Lovecraft Sex Game

Story – Play As The Assistant To Dr. Anya, A Neurobiologist At Miskatonic University Who Studies Encounters Of The Third Kind On Yuggoth, A Dwarf Planet In The Kuiper Belt. Dr. Anya Surgically Implanted A Cognitive Filter Into Your Prefrontal Lobe To Ensure Your Sanity While You Experiment With Supernatural Horrors. By Preventing You From Becoming Mentally Unstable, The Cognitive Filter Also Distorts Your Senses To Make The Experiments Look Like Porn Orgies And Hentai Tentacles. There’S Nothing Particularly Wrong With That… Right?

Operation Lovecraft Fallen Doll

How To Play – Enjoy Over 300 Real-Time 3D Sex Scenes Using Motion Capture Data Covering A Wide Range Of Fetishes. Players Can Freely Adjust The Camera, Guide Character Movements, And Interact With Scenes To Influence Character Reactions. Each Scene Is Fully Voiced And Contains A Variety Of Action Options, From Penetration To Internal Or External Ejaculation.┬áCustomize The Characters And Dress Them In Skimpy Clothes As You Wish And Fight Supernatural Horrors On The Battlefield.

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Assign Your Investigators To Get Intimate With Test Subjects In Testing Grounds Ranging From The Archimedes Orbital Space Station To The Erotes Nightclub In Neo Arkham. Whether It’S Foot Sex, Anal Sex, Lesbian, Threesome, Or Alien Sex, These Lovely Ladies Are Ready To Fully Commit Their Bodies To Science. Customize The Investigators To Your Heart’S Content: Skin Tone, Hair Color, Muscle Mass, Fat And Sweat On The Skin, Underwear, And Even Denier Tights.



Each Sandbox Map In Harem Mode Supports Up To 10 Players, Where Players Can Perform “Experiments” Anywhere On The Map They Like. If You Prefer “Independent Study”, You Can Always Turn On Do Not Disturb To Hide Other Players On The Map Or Access Gallery Mode Offline.

Collect Data By Performing “Experiments” To Unlock New Test Subjects And Experiment Methods. Players Can Give And Receive Likes, Spend Likes To Earn Research Grants From Miskatonic University Peer Review Meetings, Or Study With Each Other To Unlock Experiment Methods Discovered By Other Players.

In Combat Drill Mode, The Game Switches To Top-Down Squad Tactics + Roguelike Deckbuilding Where The Player Uses Data Drawn From “Experiments” In Harem Mode To Create Ability Cards For Investigators To Use In Simulated Matchups. Against Cultists And Arcane Monsters From Cthulhu Mythology. Cozy Up With Investigators To Increase Their Affinity, And Prepare For Imminent Doom When The Ancient Ones Awaken. Get It On Steam


OperationLovecraft Porn Game

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