Pact With A Witch Porn Game

Pact With A Witch Game : Start An Enthralling Journey In This Interactive Visual Novel As You Attempt To Rescue Your Childhood Friend From A Life Transformed Into A Woman. To Undo The Witch’s Punishment For His Attempted Assault On Her, You Agree To Go On Three Dates With Her. Despite Her Seemingly Honest And Open Demeanor, A Sense Of Foreboding Lingers, Leaving You Wary Of Her True Intentions. Play New Porn Games Online

Pact With A Witch Porn

Explore A Multitude Of Choices In This Immersive Experience, Where The Decisions You Make Will Determine The Path To Satisfying Endings, As Long As You Choose Wisely. However, Be Prepared For Adult Content And Note That The Game Is A Work In Progress, With Approximately 70% Completion From Day 5, Featuring Color Sketches.

Pact With A Witch Game

The Captivating Plot Revolves Around Your Roommate’s Fateful Encounter With Neus, The Introverted Student From Your Design School, Resulting In A Bite That Not Only Acted As Self-defense But Also Triggered A Bewitching Transformation, Slowly Turning Him Into A Girl. With Each Passing Day, Your Roommate’s Memories Fade, And A Newfound Attraction Towards You Emerges. To Reverse The Spell And Restore Your Friend’s Original Male Form, A Pact Is Formed With Neus, Requiring You To Partake In Three Dates. However, As The Story Unfolds, It Becomes Evident That Neus Harbors Secrets Yet To Be Revealed, Leaving You To Question Her True Motives. Get Pact With A Witch Game On Steam

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