Robolife Days With Aino

Robolife Days with Aino : There Is Nothing Better Than Living With A Robot Girl! Put On Your Wrench And Show Him Your Mechanical Power! But Beware, It Could Be More Than Just A Normal Robot. Play New Porn Games Here

Robolife Days with Aino
This Is A Romantic Comedy About A Robot Girl’s Journey Of Self-discovery.

In Order To Graduate From Ahroy Academy, Famous For Its Prowess In Artificial Intelligence, I Need To Program And Train An Android To Function Smoothly In Society.

“Orders Received, Removing Target.”

Aino, An Android I Took From The Dump, Lunged At Me With A Sword The Moment She Opened Her Eyes. If She Hadn’t Experienced A System Error, She Would Have Died A Virgin! After Learning About Her Inaccessible Black Box And Her Inability To Remember Her Past, I Saw An Opportunity To Cooperate.

“This Place Is Pretty Dilapidated, But Aino Accepts Your Proposal.”
“Thank You For Saying It Gently. Are You Really An Android?

I’ll Help Her Uncover Her Past, And In Return, She’ll Help Me Graduate!
We Will Live Together As A Man And An Android In An Exciting, Chaotic And Exciting Cohabitation Arrangement!

Like I Said, It’s A Romantic Comedy About A Robot Girl’s Journey Of Self-discovery!



Make Your Own Aino!
The Changes And Updates You Make To Aino Will Appear Throughout The Game.
An Exciting And Exciting Story With Cg
Over 8,000 Lines Of Dialogue And Multiple Endings.
Lots Of Naughty And Funny H Events And H-cg.
Additional Adorable Mini-cgs And All Of The Cute Robo-girl Antics.
Partially Voiced Characters
Gallery Cg
Original Soundtrack And Audio



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Choose The Tasks That Aino Will Perform Throughout The Day.
Let Her Work On Her Job Or Offer To Help Other Citizens To Collect Rewards And Unlock New Events.
Aino Will Work On Three Main Jobs, Each With Three Increasingly Difficult Stages.
To Upgrade Her And Unlock More Difficult Tasks, Change Aino’s Head, Body, And Hands!
Intimate Moments And Intimate Endings Are Unlocked After Completing Different Jobs.
Aino’s System Will Develop Errors As It Works. Players Will Need To Use *special* Repair Techniques To Help Her Recover.
At First, It Just Requires Simple Pats On The Head, But As You Share More Intimate Moments With Aino, Things Can Become Much More Interesting…Get Robolife Days with Aino On Steam


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