Sex Kills Porn Game

Sex Kills Porn Game : The World Has Finally Found Peace After Facing The Threat Of Zombies, But Just When Things Seemed Settled, A Mysterious Maniac Begins Abducting Wealthy And Alluring Ladies. In This Sizzling Sequel Of Blood ‘n Bikinis And Boobs Vs Zombies, You Must Step Up To Protect Your Gorgeous Friends And Embark On A Thrilling Journey To Pursue This Dangerous Criminal. Play New Porn Game

Sex Kills

Your Friend Sandy, A Powerful Ceo’s Daughter And Future Heiress To A Massive Business Empire, Is The First Target On The Kidnapper’s List. As You Set Out To Rescue Her, It Becomes Evident That You Must Safeguard Your Other Affluent And Beautiful Friends As Well. With Little Information About The Culprit, Your Every Move Must Be Calculated And Strategic.

The Stakes Are High – Save Sandy And Track Down The Maniac. And If Destiny Allows, You Might Find Yourself Romancing Some Of The Stunning Girls You Encounter Along The Way. More Than 10 Playable Characters And Over 30 Blood-thirsty Monsters To Confront Will Test Your Skills. Grab Your Rifles, Shotguns, Or Kalachnikovs And Venture Through Urban Streets, Dirty Ghettos, Abandoned Warehouses, And More To Fulfill Your Mission.

In This Action-packed Adventure, Love, Danger, And Thrills Await You. So Get Ready To Fight For Justice, Navigate Through Suspenseful Modern Settings, And Unlock The Possibility Of Romance Amidst The Chaos. Do You Have What It Takes To Save Sandy And Bring The Maniac To Justice? Only One Way To Find Out. Sharpen Your Wits, Gear Up, And Immerse Yourself In The Steamy World Of Action And Desire!

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For Smooth Gameplay, Use The Directional Buttons On Your Gamepad Or Arrow Keys On The Keyboard To Move Characters And The Cursor. Confirm Actions With Enter/space, Cancel Or Access The Menu With Esc, And Navigate Pages With Page Up And Page Down. Alternatively, If You Prefer The Mouse, Left-click To Move Characters And Confirm Actions, And Right-click To Cancel Or Access The Menu. For Convenience, Switch Between Window Mode And Full-screen Mode With Alt+enter, And Forcibly Exit The Game With Alt+f4 Or Return To The Title Screen With F12. Get Sex Kills Porn Game on Steam

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