SuperPantsu Tentikun Anime Hentai Porn Sex Game Online

SuperPantsu Tentikun Anime Hentai Porn Sex Game Online : Indulge In The Seductive World Of Tentikun, A Tantalizing Game Of Tentacle Pleasures That Will Captivate Your Senses And Awaken Your Desires. In This Unique And Lewd Adventure, You Take On The Role Of A Tiny Tentacled Monster, Yearning To Grow Into A Powerful Creature While Spreading Copious Amounts Of Love And Pleasure. Your Mission? Infect Lockers, Broom Closets, Elevators, And More With Your Tentacles, Luring Unsuspecting Characters Into Your Embrace And Extracting Their Energy. Play New Porn Games Now

SuperPantsu Tentikun

Tentikun Offers An Idle Clicker-like Gameplay Experience, Challenging You To Strategically Infect Various Locations Within Each Stage Using Your Tantalizing Tentacles. When A Character Passes By One Of These Infected Spots, It’s Your Moment To Strike. Quickly Grab Them Into The Locker Without Alerting Any Other Characters, As An Unwanted Encounter Might Attract The Attention Of An Officer Who Could Seal One Of Your Precious Lockers.

As Characters Find Themselves Trapped Within The Lockers, They’ll Experience Intense Pleasure Automatically. However, You Have The Option To Enter The Locker Yourself To Expedite The Process Or Simply Revel In The Lewd Action Unfolding Before Your Eyes. Pleasuring A Character In The Locker Generates Both Energy And Lust Points. Energy Fuels The Growth Of New Tentacles Within The Lockers, While Lust Points Can Be Used To Upgrade Tentikun Or Unlock Exciting New Types Of Tentacles, Enhancing Your Abilities And Expanding Your Pleasure-inducing Prowess.

SuperPantsu Tentikun Game

Immerse Yourself In This Captivating Experience, Where Each Interaction And Successful Pleasure Session Brings You Closer To Becoming A Formidable Tentacled Creature. Unleash Your Desires, Strategize Your Infections, And Witness The Power Of Pleasure As You Navigate Through A World Filled With Temptation And Excitement.

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To Ensure A Seamless Gaming Experience, Tentikun Requires The Following Minimum System Requirements: A 64-bit Processor And Operating System, Windows 10 Or Later (64bit) As The Operating System, An Intel I3 Or Amd Ryzen 5 Processor Clocked At 2ghz Or Better, 4 Gb Of Ram, Directx 11 Compatible Graphics With 4 Gb Of Memory, Directx Version 11, And At Least 700 Mb Of Available Storage Space.

Get Ready To Immerse Yourself In The Tantalizing World Of Tentikun, Where Pleasure And Growth Go Hand In Hand. Will You Succumb To The Allure Of The Tentacles And Master The Art Of Seduction? The Choice Is Yours As You Embark On This Provocative And Addictive Journey Into The Depths Of Tentacle Pleasures. Get SuperPantsu Tentikun On Steam

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