Sword X Hime

Sword X Hime : Indulge In A Game That Aims To Deliver The Ultimate Adult Sexual Experience, With Smooth And Elegant Action Sequences. The Game’s Core Revolves Around Explicit Sexual Content, Including Sm, Oral Sex, And Various Sexual Positions, With Plans To Add Themes Such As 3p And Bondage In The Future. Play New Porn Games Here


Experience A World Where The Pursuit Of Adult Sexual Encounters Takes Center Stage, Featuring Seamlessly Executed Actions And Visually Captivating Scenes. The Vibrant Lighting And Shadows Enhance The Scenery, Creating A Mesmerizing Atmosphere. Immerse Yourself In A Diverse Range Of Sexual Content, From Bdsm To Oral Sex, Showcasing Various Enticing Positions. The Game Promises To Expand Further With The Inclusion Of 3p Encounters And Scenes Involving Restraint.


The Protagonist Of The Story Is A Sword-wielding Heroine Exuding Both Chivalry And Sensuality. With A Slender Blade And A Mature Allure, She Embodies A Captivating Blend Of Bloodlust And Romance. Witness Her Delicate Figure As She Gracefully Navigates The Battlefield, Engaging In Intense Battles Against Powerful Adversaries. Like A Rose In Bloom, Her Presence On The Battlefield Is Both Breathtakingly Beautiful And Dangerously Prickly, Leaving Anyone Who Dares To Approach Her Scattered Like Cherry Blossoms.

Sword X Hime Porn

However, When Captured By The Enemy, The Young Lady Reveals A Side Of Vulnerability And Tenderness Never Seen Before, Succumbing To Their Desires In A Dance-like Embrace.

Sword X Hime Game

The Game Offers A Plethora Of Gorgeous Costumes That Perfectly Accentuate The Young Lady’s Devilish Allure. From The Seductive Black Silk Cheongsam That Showcases Her Mature Charm To The Elegant And Graceful Styles, There Is No Shortage Of Captivating Attire To Enhance Her Presence. Get Sword X Hime On Steam

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