TroubleDays : Immerse Yourself In The Captivating Love-adventure Game Set In The Vibrant Akihabara As You Embark On A Cohabitation Journey With An Innocent Succubus. Experience The Exhilarating And Slightly Provocative Day-to-day Life Alongside This Naive Supernatural Being. Please Be Aware That All Characters Involved In Any Sexual Content Are Depicted As Being Over The Age Of 18. Play New Porn Games Online

Trouble Days

About The Game:
Embark On A Charming Journey Enhanced By The “E-mote” Engine, Which Brings Illustrations To Life With Smooth, Three-dimensional Movements. Watch As The Characters On The Screen Come Alive Before Your Very Eyes.

TroubleDays Game Porn

Step Into The World Of Succubi, Mystical Creatures That Thrive On A Man’s Sexual Energy Known As “Technoforce.” Meet Lovelia, An Apprentice Succubus, Who Unexpectedly Appears Before The Main Character, Driven By The Desire To Steal His Lustful Power. Despite Being Hailed As One Of The Most Stunning Succubi In A Thousand Years, Lovelia’s Innocence When It Comes To Men Remains Intact. Despite Her Persistent Attempts To Absorb His Technoforce, Her Naivety Impedes Any Significant Progress.

In Order To Return To The Demon World Or Possess Another Man, Lovelia Must Successfully Harvest The Technoforce From The Man She Has Chosen To Reside With. As A Result, Lovelia Finds Herself Sharing A Living Space With The Main Character, Navigating The Complexities Of Their Intertwined Existence.

Can Lovelia Triumph In Her Mission To Acquire Technoforce? Dive Into The Endearing And Occasionally Risqué Escapades Of This Innocent Succubus As She Embarks On A New Life In The Heart Of Akihabara.


Lovelia (Cv: Yuri Ayase)

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Height: 159 Cm
Weight: 43 Kg
Bust/waist/hip: 85(C)/59/86

Behind Her Captivating Allure, Lovelia Is An Apprentice Succubus Filled With Naivety. Tasked With Harvesting The “Technoforce” From The Main Character, Derived From Male Desire, She Arrives At His Home. Despite Being Considered One Of The Most Beautiful Succubi In A Millennium In The Demon World, Lovelia’s Innocence Remains Untouched, Despite Her Succubus Nature.

With A Penchant For Daydreaming, Even The Slightest Comment From The Main Character Triggers Instantaneous Naughty Fantasies Within Lovelia’s Mind. Explore The Comical And Mischievous New Life Of This Inexperienced Succubus Against The Backdrop Of Akihabara. Get TroubleDays Game On Steam

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