Tyrant Quest Gold Edition New Porn Game

Prepare To Be Immersed In A Gripping And Seductive Journey As You Delve Into The World Of “Tyrant Quest,” An Erotic And Dark Fantasy Visual Novel That Weaves A Tale Of Vengeance And Power. You Will Assume The Role Of A Dark Lord, Emerging From A Century-long Imprisonment With An Insatiable Thirst For Revenge. However, A Vital Artifact Has Been Stolen From You, Leaving You Vulnerable And Unable To Conquer Your Adversaries. With Unwavering Determination, You Set Forth On A Perilous Quest Alongside Your Loyal Companion, The Seductive Succubus, Lili, In Search Of A Means To Regain Your Formidable Strength. Play New Porn Games Online

Tyrant Quest Gold Edition

As Your Journey Unfolds, You Will Encounter New Allies And Formidable Foes, Traversing Treacherous Landscapes In Pursuit Of Your Ultimate Goal. Amidst The Darkness, You May Stumble Upon A Mistress Worthy Of Standing By Your Side, Or Perhaps Even Build A Harem Fit For A Dark Lord. Every Decision You Make Will Shape Your Destiny, Allowing You To Choose Between Compassion And Cruelty As You Interact With Your Companions.

With Over 15 Hours Of Gameplay, “Tyrant Quest” Presents An Engrossing Storyline Brimming With Well-developed Characters. Explore Various Romantic Relationships, Each Offering Thrilling And Intimate Scenes That Will Quicken Your Pulse And Ignite Your Desires. Your Choices Carry Weight, Leading To A Total Of Seven Distinct Endings, Including The Tantalizing Prospect Of Establishing Your Very Own Harem.


Indulge Your Visual Senses With Over 58 Beautifully Rendered Erotic Scenes, Meticulously Crafted To Captivate And Enthrall. The Accompanying Sophisticated Sound Effects And Original Music Serve To Enhance The Immersion, Drawing You Deeper Into The World Of “Tyrant Quest” As You Navigate Its Intricacies.

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Among The Captivating Cast Of Characters, You Will Encounter:

Lili, A Seductive Succubus And Former Familiar Of The Dark Lord’s Previous Lover. Devoted To Fulfilling Her Mistress’s Final Wishes, She Resuscitates The Dark Lord And Joins Him On His Quest. Though Her Primary Desire Is To Partake Of Her Master’s Essence, Her Feelings For Him May Run Deeper Than She Lets On.

Seren, The Last Descendant Of The Dark Lord’s Former Lover, And A Vengeful Witch Seeking Retribution After Her Family’s Massacre By His Enemies. United By A Shared Purpose, Seren’s Resemblance To Her Ancestor And Her Shared Talents And Preferences May Kindle An Undeniable Attraction Towards The Dark Lord.


Elanor, The Princess Of The Elf Kingdom, Finds Herself At The Mercy Of The Dark Lord And His Forces After Being Captured, Along With Her Loyal Bodyguard, Rin. While Possessing A Gentle Heart, Elanor’s Naivety And Prolonged Exposure To The Dark Lord’s Influence Gradually Sow Seeds Of Sympathy Within Her. She Must Tread Carefully, As She Risks Succumbing To The Dark Lord’s Wicked Temptations.

Rin, A Proud And Skilled Swordsman Hailing From A Distant Land, Serves As Princess Elanor’s Unwavering Protector. Firmly Opposing The Dark Lord’s Corrupting Influence, Rin Harbors Her Own Desires That May Prove Impossible To Resist. If Offered A Chance At Her Secret Longing, She May Betray Her Loyalty, Succumbing To The Allure Of The Dark Lord’s Power.

Ancalia, A Formidable Dragon Trapped In Human Form By Camellia, The High Priestess Whose Predecessor Sealed Away The Dark Lord. Uninterested In Human Conflicts, Ancalia Is Compelled To Obey Camellia’s Powerful Magic, Even If It Means Eliminating The Dark Lord. Yet, If The Dark Lord Can Impress Her With His Strength, An Unlikely Alliance May Form.

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Tyrant Quest

Camellia, The Successor Of The Woman Who Sealed Away The Dark Lord A Century Ago, Meticulously Monitors His Every Move, Aided By Her Minion, Ancalia. She Harbors Her Own Devious Plans For The Dark Lord, Demanding His Submission Or Be Subjected To Her Dominion. Only By Defeating Camellia Can The Dark Lord Secure His Freedom.

Prepare To Surrender To Your Darkest Desires As “Tyrant Quest” Unveils A World Brimming With Seduction, Power, And Revenge. Choose Your Path Carefully, For It Is Either Vengeance Or Death That Awaits You. Get Tyrant Quest Adult Game On Steam

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