OPPAI Ero App Academy Bigger, Better, Electric Boobaloo

Oppai Ero App Academy: Bigger, Better, Electric Boobaloo Is A Visual Novel Set In Toaru Academy, An All-Girls Academy Where A Larger Bust Indicates Greater Experience. Shimojo Kazuma Is The First Male Student At The School. Will He Be Able To Win The Hearts Of These Buxom Beauties? Play New Porn Games Here


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Oppai Ero App Academy: Bigger, Taller, Electric Boobaloo Is A Visual Novel Set In Toaru Academy, An All-Girls Academy Where A Larger Bust Indicates Greater Experience. Thanks To An Arrangement That Shimojo Kazuma Displays In A Thriller Shop, He Gains Access To The Ero App, Giving Him The Ability To Hook Up With The Biggest-Titted Academy Girls Ever!

OPPAI Porn Game

After Reading The Prologue And The First Chapter, Choose Any Of The Ten Main Heroine Scenes To Enhance The Story Of The Game. The Game’S Main Story Takes Place Over The Course Of 14 Chapters Called Levels, With Each Story Level Being Divided Into Four Waves. Finishing A Main Heroine Scene Unlocks A New Scene And Advances You To A New Wave. When You’Ve Finished 4 Waves, You Move To A New Bankruptcy (Level) Of The Main Story. Repeat This To Reach The Final Degree.

By Going Through The Main Scenes Of The Heroine, You Can Unlock The “Boob Enhancement Bootcamp” And “Harem” Scenes. Unlock All Supporting Characters, Breast Enhancement Bootcamp And Harem Scenes! (You Can Also Unlock More Scenes By Continuing Through Each Stage Of The Story.)

Zoom In And Rotate The Cgs In This Game With The Magnifying Glass Tool! If You Want To Look At A Cg From The Side, Click On The Magnifying Glass And The Cg You Are Currently Viewing Can Be Flipped To The Side Or Enlarged. You Can Also Do This With The Standing Portrait Of Each Character In The Profile Menu!

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A Background Voice Has Also Been Added, Great During The Harem Scenes To Add The Feeling Of Being Surrounded By Goofy Girls On All Sides. Jump Function Added! When You Open The Text Log, Click The Jump Button To Return To That Point In The Game. Over 110 Cgs! All The Main Characters Have Erotic Animation Scenes! Naked Mode! All The Main Characters Are Naked!

Solo Grinding Story! Go To The Profile Screen And You’Ll Be Able To See Each Character’S Solo Grinding History As You Get To Know Them More. Also With Secret Voice Recordings!

Using The Ero App To Fall In Love With Your Classmates Is Cool And All, But It’S Also Awesome When Used With Acquaintances And Strangers In The Side Characters Section! The Ero App Can Increase A Girl’S Attraction Level Towards The Protagonist From 0% To 255%! Playing Through The Story Scenes Will Also Unlock More Minor Character Scenes!

OPPAI Sex Game

Story Of OPPAI Ero App Academy Bigger, Better, Electric Boobaloo


Shimojo Kazuma Has Special Circumstances That Lead Him To Become The First Male Student At Toaru Academy, A Special Type Of Academy For Girls. After His Mother Changed Jobs, Kazuma Was In An Interview At The Tsurugi Art Academy When He Demonstrated An Ability Only Girls Were Supposed To Have; He Made The Interviewer Excited Without Even Touching Her! (It Seems That His Stepsister, Emiri, Used His Wish Fulfillment Ability, Causing Kazuma’S Ero Skills To Awaken.)

“Since When Do I Have These Powers!? All I Did Was Fantasize After Seeing The Interviewer’S Black Panties And Thick Thighs When She Adjusted Her Miniskirt!?”

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Due To His Abilities, Kazuma Is Forced To Enroll In Toaru Academy, A Special Elite Academy Whose Students Have The Ability To Use Paiokinesis!

After Enrolling, His Stepsister, Jealous Of A Cute Waifu Character Kazuma Has In His Smartphone Gacha Game, Destroys His Phone. Wanting To Fix His Phone Right Away, Kazuma Walks Into A Certain Phone Store When He Sees Someone Who Looks Quite Familiar…

“Welcome… I’M Surprised You Found This Shop. It’S Set Up For Only The Purest Of Heart And Red-Blooded Men To Find…”

“What Does That Mean…Wait A Second, I Know You!”
“Are You… Master? Thank You For Always Giving Me The Smallest Armor In The Game!”
Shimojo Meets Riria, A Character From The Erotic Phone Game He Always Plays! Shimojo, Skeptical If She Is The Real Riria, Talks To The Goofy Girl About All The Adventures They’Ve Had, Realizing That She Is, In Fact, The Real Riria From His Mobile Game.
“That’S A Strange Looking Phone…”
“Ignore Last Year’S Phones. I’Ll Show You The Latest And Greatest Phone Developed In The World That I’M From, Master!
Last Year’S Model Is All You Can Afford! However, Riria Continues To Insist.
“I Want To Reward Him For Playing So Much Even Though His Old Phone Was A Terrible, Old And Low-Spec Model, Master…”
Riria Begs To Show Kazuma The World’S Smartphone Of Hers.
“I Can Use It Normally Right? It Won’T Explode Or Anything? All The Otherworldly Items I’Ve Read About In The Light Novels Seem Like More Trouble Than They’Re Worth.”
“Y-Yes! You’Ll Be Fine, Master! There Are Types Of Phones That Won’T Explode!”
“Okay, Show Me. Although I’M Still A Little Suspicious From How You Phrased It…”
Not Knowing If He Would Suddenly Be Thrown Into Another World, Kazuma Decides To Try Out The New Phone! He Decides To Try One Of Ero’S Apps That Catches His Eye, “Sudden Mixed Bath!”
He Touches The App Icon. All Of A Sudden, It Looks Like It’S Faded Into A White Loading Screen. Then, He Sees His Childhood Friends Rio And Konoka, Along With A Bunch Of Other Goofy Girls, All Naked In A Communal Bath!
“So This Is The Power Of The Otherworldly Phone And Ero App! With This Phone, I Will Be Able To Become The Most Powerful Student In The Academy!”
Inside Of Him, Kazuma Knows That He Has The Potential To Conquer The World With The Use Of This New Ero App! And So His Adventure Begins. Get Oppai Ero App Academy Bigger, Better, Electric Boobaloo On Steam

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