Workplace Rhapsody Porn Game

Workplace Rhapsody Porn Game : In This Captivating Workplace Love Game, Players Must Strike A Balance Between Work And Rest While Managing Their Own Attributes. By Mastering Time Management And Earning Enough Money, They Can Understand The Needs Of Each Woman In The Office And Increase Their Goodwill Through Thoughtful Gestures And Gifts – Play New Porn Games Online

The Game Begins With A Newly Graduated University Student Who Successfully Joins A Prestigious Underwear Design Company. However, Navigating The Dynamics Of Interpersonal Relationships In The Workplace Becomes Their Biggest Challenge. Can They Win The Hearts Of All The Women In The Company?

As The Player Progresses, They Gather Information About Their Colleagues Through Interactions Within The Company. By Understanding Their Colleagues’ Preferences, They Can Choose The Most Suitable Gifts To Maximize Their Impact. The Following Day, The Story Progresses Based On The Goodwill Earned. If The Goodwill Drops To Zero, The Player Must Strive To Regain The Favor Of Their Colleagues Through Various Means.

Meet Mei, A Friendly And Kind-hearted Coworker Known For Her Slim Antenna And Pink Attire. Bobo, The Well-informed Company Cleaner With A Round Figure, Is A Valuable Source Of Information, Although Her Personal Life May Lack Excitement. Ling, The Company Treasurer, Possesses Long Legs, Fair Skin, And Captivating Eyes. Lastly, There’s Xiaocui, A Senior Employee Working In The Bustling City Who Hails From A Village And Manages A Shampoo Room With A Distinctive Dark Red Aesthetic.

To Embark On This Workplace Romance Adventure, Players Will Need A System That Meets The Minimum Requirements, Including Windows 7, An I3 Processor, 512 Mb Ram, A Dedicated Graphics Card With 1gb Memory, And At Least 1 Gb Of Available Storage Space. Get Workplace Rhapsody Game On Steam

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